All my life I have been driven by the pursuit of offering quality.

During the 25 years of my previous career I have never made any concessions on that point.

Now I have given a new swing to my professional live and I turned my passion for classic cars into a professional challenge.

And more than ever, I am stimulated to respect my life motto and to present my clients with only the very best.

In the old-timer world, trust and transparence are very precious though extremely rare.

And that is exactly where I would like to make the difference.

Polico supplies stock cars but proposes also its services to hunt for exactly that car you are dreaming of.

I personally examine, control and buy the cars.

To me it is of the utmost importance that the technical section is in perfect condition.

All incidental restauration works on the body or interior can be completed to your taste and budget.

But you may be confident that the car you buy at Polico’s is your perfect qualitative match, as you deserve.


Sven de Jager

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